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The Maryland Science Center Is Awesome!

Maryland Science Center on Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Maryland Science Center on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor


Although its history dates back more than 200 years, the Maryland Science Center stays on the cutting edge of bringing the sciences to the public. Since 1976, this amazing building on Baltimore’s Inner Harbor has offered exciting enrichment programs and engaged exhibits to visitors. In addition to its informative exhibits and interactive areas, the Maryland Science Center features these awesome special attractions:

Crosby Ramsey Memorial Observatory

Explore the night sky through the lens of the Maryland Science Center telescope in the Crosby Ramsey Memorial Observatory. This rooftop urban observatory has a computer-controlled telescope that lets guests view planets and stars, along with other astronomical events. The observatory is open free to the public on Friday nights and to guests with paid admission on Saturday.


Davis Planetarium

The Davis Planetarium completed a digital renovation in 2013. Beneath the 50-foot dome, audiences become immersed in digital simulations of the sky and space, and witness the marvels of the cosmos come alive. Planetarium shows feature themes of astronomy, space exploration, and backyard observing.


Demo Stage

Science live on the Demonstration Stage takes place on Level 3 throughout the day on a variety of hair-raising, mind-boggling, and eye-catching topics. Science Center presenters demonstrate the wonders of scientific phenomena from the stage and invite audiences to ask questions and help with the presentation. Shows are approximately 20 minutes long and show times are posted daily—along with topics.


Science on a Sphere

Stop by for a show on Science On a Sphere—an animated globe that shows dynamic images of the atmosphere, oceans, and land of a planet.


St. John Properties IMAX Theater

The slightly concave screen is five stories tall and shows an eclectic mix of travelogues, Hollywood features, and innovative 3D films. Current showings include Flight of the Butterflies 3D, Humpback Whales 3D and Everest. Click here to view a full listing.


Learning Lab

This unique Lab, located in the Kids Room, offers both directed programs and drop-in browsing for parents and educators. They have access to research and information on child development, and parenting and teaching techniques. Science Center staff provide support and effective strategies for promoting lifelong learning.


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