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Did You Know You Can Visit Edgar Allan Poe’s Grave?


Literature lovers and Poe enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to Poe Baltimore, the Edgar Allan Poe house and museum that celebrates Baltimore’s favorite denizen. But did you know that you can also take a short trek from the Poe House and Museum to visit Edgar Allan Poe’s Grave?

Edgar Allan Poe house and museum

Poe’s House

Poe’s home has been preserved with much of the exterior and interior original fabric (although the house isn’t furnished). offers a comprehensive overview of the house’s significance and of Poe’s significance to Baltimore. Situated in a small brick house on Baltimore’s North Amity Street, Poe wrote some of his early stories from 1833-1835. In fact, these stories would virtually create and define the modern mystery, horror and science fiction genres.

Almost everywhere in Baltimore, his spirit and legacy live on: authors, poets, playwrights, businesses—and even the Baltimore Ravens pro football team.

Visit Edgar Allan Poe’s Grave

Thousands of visitors come each year to visit Poe’s grave and Baltimore home. Westminster Hall, where the famous author is buried, and Poe’s grave are in the southeast corner of Fayette and Greene Streets.

The Edgar Allan Poe Society gives helpful directions so you can visit Edgar Allan Poe’s grave after touring the museum:

From the Poe House on Amity Street: Continue south on Amity to the end of the block. Turn left on Lexington to the first traffic light, which is Fremont. Turn right on Fremont and follow for 2 blocks south to Baltimore Street. Turn left on Baltimore and go 3 blocks to Paca. (The University of Maryland Hospital will be on your left and the Veterans Hospital on your right.) Turn left on Paca and stay in the left lane. Go one block and turn left on Fayette, heading west. The next street is Greene. Westminster Hall and the Poe Grave are immediately on the left, at the corner.

The Toaster

Nope, not an appliance! A mysterious tradition began sometime in the early 20th century, where a shadowy individual would appear at Poe’s grave, toast him with cognac, and leave three red roses in a specific pattern.

The mysterious toaster hasn’t appeared in many years, but the society has taken up the glass and each year elects a Poe Toaster to continue the tradition. It’s certainly the most lively time to visit Poe’s grave (his birthday is January 19).

Take a Tour

A weekend self-guided tour of the Edgar Allan Poe house and museum allows you to get a feel for the town and the very walls that set the landscape for Poe’s imagination and work. You’ll see exhibits on Poe’s foster parents, his life and death in Baltimore, and poems and short stories written in Baltimore. It also features significant artifacts including Poe’s chair, lap desk and telescope. Any of the docents can answer questions and give insight into Poe’s life.

The Poe House is open each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through the end of December. Hours are 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. (Last admission at 3:40)


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