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3 Reasons Little Italy, Baltimore Makes the Best Date Night

Remember that scene from Lady and the Tramp when you were a kid? The spaghetti scene where Lady and her scrappy love interest share a lovely plate of noodles, serenaded by their Italian chefs? While we can’t promise the serenade, you can be sure to find a similar romantic, Old World atmosphere when you go on date night in Little Italy Baltimore.

Little Italy Baltimore

Little Italy Baltimore is great for a date night

Where is Little Italy in Baltimore?

This charming, cozy neighborhood is located in the heart of downtown BaltimoreNestled between the Inner Harbor and historic Fells Point, it’s an important cultural and ethnic icon for the city—and a popular destination for authentic Italian food and more.

Generations after Italian immigrants made their way to Batimore, many of Little Italy’s long skinny rowhomes are still owned by their families. It remains a tight-knit community…because there is nothing more important to Italians than la famiglia.
Located near other quaint Baltimore neighborhoods like Canton, Federal Hill, Fells Point and Harbor East, Little Italy is reachable by car, water taxi, subway, and just a short walk from the Inner Harbor.


Thousands of people annually visit Little Italy to dine at its restaurants.

If you’re looking for authentic Italian food, you have discovered the right neighborhood! Baltimore’s Little Italy includes a restaurant district where food lovers will delight in dining at family-owned restaurants with dishes just like mamma used to make! Menus of exquisite recipes and sweets from many regions of Italia will make your taste buds beg for more. A handful of the restaurants’ owners are also the chefs; some are even natives of Italy. Others have spent time in Europe learning from Italian chefs. Everyone loves great Italian food! And if you’re not in the mood for Italian food (whatsa matter you?) then The Neighborhood also plays host to several other cuisines as well. Buon Appetito!

Roma Gourmet Sausage has been locally owned and operated in Baltimore, Maryland for over 50 years. Roma has produced award-winning sausage using only the finest ingredients and an original family recipe. Select from its gourmet, all natural Italian sausage, Polish Kielbasa, Celery and Maryland Spice Sausage. Sold in many supermarkets, served at the finest restaurants in the Mid-Atlantic region, and available for sale online. Buon Appetito.

Make a Night of It

You can round out your romantic Little Italy Baltimore date night without ever leaving the area. At various times of year you can watch outdoor movies, play bocce, attend Italian festivals, partake in Italian language and cultural classes, attend ravioli dinners, and stroll through the narrow streets to experience a bit of the amore and ambience of the old country – Italia.

If you’re visiting in the summer, be sure to coincide with one of the many Italian-related events offered by the handful of organizations that comprise “The Neighborhood” … just to name a few: Feast of St. Anthony Italian Festival in June, Feast of St. Gabriele Italian Festival in August, and the Little Italy Open Air Film Fest (with free popcorn even!) each Friday through July and August.

Bocce in Little Italy

The bocce court in Little Italy is a popular place to be during warmer months, and often an intriguing sight for visitors as they stroll by. Sit and enjoy watching a game on the spectator benches, or you can even play one yourself. Balls are not provided, but you may just find a friendly resident will invite you to join.

The courts are most active on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings as teams on two leagues compete with each other in this popular backyard Italian sport. As well, bocce tournaments are held during St. Leo’s two summer Italian festivals and during the Columbus Day Commemoration in October.


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