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Baltimore Food Tours Are a Great Way to Try Amazing Food


Baltimore Food Tours

Baltimore Food Tours

There’s no denying food plays a major role when you travel, but with cooking shows and Pinterest and a wealth of food blogs, foodie tourism is on the rise. Baltimore Food Tours are a great way to try the best food Charm City has to offer. No guessing, will this be good? No wondering, where do I go for authentic cuisine? Signing up for a Baltimore food tour ensures one of the most basic ingredients to your getaway recipe is fulfilled–the very best cuisine.

Baltimore Food Tours

The official Baltimore Food Tours company values the harmony between a neighborhood’s character of cuisine, history and architecture. The folks at Baltimore Food Tours study the restaurants and their menus meticulously before adding them to the lineup to ensure authenticity and uniqueness.

A Culinary Experience

Far from being a guided tour of neighborhood restaurants, the experts at Baltimore Food Tours actually work with chefs and owners to create specially designed dishes for the food tour participants. You’ll go in, sit down, and be served a carefully crafted series of courses that layer flavors, textures and tastes to the best effect.

What can you expect? In short, a VIP experience.

Responsible Tourism

Baltimore Food Tours aims to help preserve each neighborhood’s culinary heritage. Your tourism dollars not only provide you with the flavors of the area, but they help support the local businesses that keep culinary heritage going strong.

Some local favorites that regularly appear on the Baltimore Food Tours are Chaps Pit Beef, Ostrowski’s Sausage, Berger cookies and Goetze’s chews just to name a few.

Neighborhood Cuisines

Six different designated food tours will lead you through some of Baltimore’s most storied neighborhoods.

Fells Point

As Baltimore’s best-preserved historic district, Fells Point has been around for almost 300 years. Specially made dishes and drinks at a variety of locally owned and family restaurants are a hallmark. Learn more at the Fells Point tour webpage.

Federal Hill

Another historic south Baltimore neighborhood. History, culture, food and drink are integrated seamlessly. Check out the Federal Hill tour webpage for details. 

Little Italy

Just about every storied city has a Little Italy, and Baltimore’s is especially unique. This tour combines Jewish and Italian cuisines and lets you in on some of Charm City’s hidden gems. Get a preview at the Little Italy tour webpage. 

Mt. Vernon

Opulence. Vibrancy. This is a high-end tour in a high-end neighborhood. Learn more at the Mt. Vernon tour webpage.

Lexington Market

Lexington is the largest and longest running public market in Baltimore. You’ll get the inside scoop on this tour. The Lexington Market tour webpage will offer more details.


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