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The Harriet Tubman Museum Shares the Story of an Amazing Woman

Harriet Tubman Museum

The Harriet Tubman Museum is located in Dorchester County, where the famous abolitionist grew up

If you grew up in the U.S. and went to school here, it’s likely you’ve heard about Harriet Tubman, the famous Underground Railroad “conductor” who led slaves to freedom. But did you know there’s a Harriet Tubman Museum?

Located right here in Maryland, honoring Dorchester County-born Tubman, the small museum in downtown Cambridge is well worth the visit. It’s a wonderful tribute to the strength, courage and determination of the woman who grew up just a few miles away from today’s museum.

About Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman grew up on the Brodess Farm in Bucktown in Dorchester County, later escaping from slavery there. Remarkably, she returned 13 times to lead other enslaved people to freedom using the secret network of people and sites known as the Underground Railroad. She later served as a Civil War spy and nurse, a suffragist, and a humanitarian.

About the Harriet Tubman Museum

The museum and educational center, open Tuesday through Saturday, offers an excellent resource to learn about Harriet Tubman.
The Tubman Museum and Educational Center is part of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Byway, a self-guided, scenic driving tour with more than 30 sites related to freedom seekers in the 1800s.

For more information, a map and guide, and an audio guide, stop by the Dorchester Visitor Center, 2 Rose Hill Place in Cambridge, MD.

The Harriet Tubman Organization

The Harriet Tubman Organization of Cambridge, Maryland, is dedicated to preserving the legacy of this incredible woman.

Harriet Tubman’s life is now legendary; she is an icon of local, regional, national and international significance. The Harriet Tubman Organization is proud to honor her right in Dorchester County, where her legacy began. The Harriet Tubman Organization is committed to educating new generations.

The Harriet Tubman Committee was organized January 31, 1983. The goal of the founding members was to develop a community cultural center. The center would provide services to the community and address the needs of children through cultural, educational, social, economical and historical activities. The center would also preserve and promote the life of Harriet Ross Tubman.

In 1996, the Board of Directors voted to change its name to the Harriet Tubman Organization, Inc. This change more accurately reflects the group’s vision for the future and its revised mission. The mission of the Harriet Tubman Organization is to develop programs and services for children and families and to preserve the history and memory of Harriet Tubman by offering the general public an interpretive history of her achievements.


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