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So anyone who has a third grade sense of humor (and I have been accused of that more than once) knows that “Pilgrims!” is the answer to this riddle: “If April showers bring May flowers, what to may flowers bring? Pilgrims!” And what the heck does that have to do with The Wayside Inn and Ellicott City? Well, anyone who knows their history, knows that after the pilgrims landed, they had to learn to grow their own food in their new home and that they had quite a bit of help from the resident farmers, Native Americans. These local farmers brought them food, taught them how to grow, harvest and cook corn and other native crops. This help was probably the only thing that kept the pilgrims from starving!

We have kept that same tradition alive today with local farmer’s markets. Howard County and Ellicott City have a full schedule of farmer’s markets for you to visit while you are enjoying your stay in our beautiful area. There is a farmer’s market open every day of the week from Wednesday through Sunday; the Wednesday Market is only about a mile away from the Inn at our beautiful new Miller Branch Library.

These farmer’s markets will bring you an ever evolving seasonal selection of produce, jams, eggs, even meats fresh from their farms. The farmers can tell you how it was grown, give you cooking lessons, and tell you how to plant and grow fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers. Nothing tastes as good as food that was selected that morning from the farm or grown yourself and then picked just as you are ready to eat it.

All of the farmers markets are within just a few miles of The Wayside Inn and we can give you directions on how to find your daily market. We will even be glad to refrigerate any produce for you until the day you leave. Also, some of what you have for breakfast in the morning may have been bought the previous day at a farmer’s market!

So if you are planning your trip here and will be staying from Wednesday through Sunday, don’t forget to add a trip to one of the markets. Click here to view the schedule for the markets. They officially open for the year on May 8!
We look forward to seeing you soon,
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The Wayside Inn
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